Is blocking USA? Redirecting users to

Anyone else have the issue where when trying to download from a URL, they get redirected to which then displays an ad and redirects you to

Just wondering if this is an US-only problem… similar to how certain file sharing sites are now blocking the US.

Don’t see much mention of this on the web, but I did find this thread where someone else was hitting the same issue and he was able to bypass it using a proxy outside the US.

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  1. The government is just redirecting when the link is valid – it does not block the entire website. (Try typing an inexistent multiupload link – you get their page). So obviously they are “eavesdropping” the connection and replacing valid pages with redirections. That means accessing Multiupload over HTTPS would prevent the redirection. Now, if Multiupload even had HTTPS…that would be cool.

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