Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Sometimes I'm shocked how different actors look when they're off stage. Here's Mrs Patmore and Daisy from Downton Abbey #
  • I did not expect Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones to be a brunette #
  • @lukewelling @rothgar I always found it ridiculous when people hold up their iPad to take a picture. Is anyone actually making that claim? in reply to lukewelling #
  • Either @ParallelsMac or @VMware should add a feature to automatically run Windows Update once a week when my computer is idling. #
  • @krunk4ever That way my Windows VMs won’t prompt me to install 50 new updates every time I restore their session. in reply to krunk4ever #
  • @mendkr Figured you'd enjoy this: #
  • @phatblat @ryandjohnson Don’t I get me simple array/dictionary creation syntax in this xcode too? in reply to phatblat #
  • Beautiful timelapse from the ISS (International Space Station) Can’t beat it when Adagio in D Minor plays alongside. #
  • Imagine Dragons is becoming one of my favorite bands. Check out Demons, their 2nd song I heard from a movie trailer: #
  • Anyone else seeing C icons for all their Applications in Spotlight after installing Mountain Lion? #
  • Did you know it took 50 million years for fungi to evolve so it can decompose wood? #GiantInsects #
  • If you’re wondering how to add a Twitter/Facebook account to your Contacts (formerly Address Book) on your Mac, it’s at Card > Add Field #
  • After upgrading to Mountain Lion, anyone having issues playing mkv files in MPlayerX? Keep getting: The file is not supported by MPlayerX #
  • @ryandjohnson Yeah, both VLC and Movist worked fine for me. Just MPlayerX was giving me trouble. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson Interesting. No idea what XQuartz is, but I recall installing Perian awhile back. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson Perian seems to be a dead end. Going to try XQuartz. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson I find VLC to be very rough and unpolished. Simple stuff like resume where you left off isn't available. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson It ends up being my backup player when my normal players are having problems with a particular file. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • Found out today that casino pumping oxygen to keep gamblers awake was only a myth. Darn! I wanted to see giant humans. See earlier BBC tweet #

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