Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-14

  • @mendkr Glad you made it back! Sounded like quite a trip. in reply to mendkr #
  • Nowadays, even if one engine fails and blows up, the rocket can still make it into space: #
  • A good way to find out which apps are using location services on iOS 6: Settings > General > Restrictions > Location Services. #
  • Turns out Just Landed was still tracking a 3-week old flight and Passbook was constantly checking if I'm near my favorite Starbucks. #
  • @rothgar Picture makes you look like you were face-planted into the sand ;p in reply to rothgar #
  • Not as cute as Om nom, but Petit from Contre Jour is cute and fun. Reminds me of Limbo. Now available on HTML5: #
  • I wonder if flies and other insects feel pain when they ram into a window. If they do, they certainly don’t learn not to do it again. #
  • @fearthecowboy I know! They say the comment system should be back up soon, but not soon enough! in reply to fearthecowboy #

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