Project Mischief – Final

welp, without further delay, here it is: Project Mischief. With only 3 weeks of school left, I’ve gone all out and violate the bandwidth rule big time. After telling several friends about what I’m going to do, they suggested I go for the 65gb mark which was foothill’s current highest bandwidth violation. As you can see from project mischief, I hit 66gb with Sunday breaking the 12gb mark. Phase I was a great success. Phase II and III will follow in hoping that I’ll break the 100gb mark. Why I decided to do this? Because of the stupid bureaucracy. One, they’re stupid in implementing this rule which does more harm than help. Two, violations of 100megs are put in the same level as violation of several gigs. Three, it took them 2months to summon me to the PRB (peer review board). Since PRB has been dismissed already, and the rescomp will very likely be able to do anything within 2 weeks (especially since it’s finals time), bandwidth violation will no longer matter.

Today was coincidence day. I’ve bumped into so many people and so did mechy. After psych class, we went to the student store to get red scantrons. As we were lining up to pay, we saw cari leave the cashier, but she left before we could say hi. On our walk back up to foothill, mechy bumped into like 5 of his friends, which he claims several he never saw this year. At the pinnacle of our hike, we bumped into lilpebbles which we haven’t seen in ages. It was a fun day. One more day of school!

Lately, I’ve been having midnight snacks all the time. Never had that experience before. Maybe it’s stress and I’ve heard stress makes you hungry. Or it could’ve been I didn’t have any food or disliked the food I have stored. Hehe. Anyway, I hope to change this habit and for now, g’nite and ~sweet dreamz~ ^_^zzz

Printer Cartridge Heads

wow, that was one really weird weekend. Didn’t update for 2 whole days. been really lazy recently. Probably have mono ;p.

I went to bed @ 8:30am last morning and woke up @ 2:30pm and the found out my computer died. So skipping the remainder of my classes, I went about to fix my computer. It seems to be rather fine now, if not better. So I’m happy.

For fans of rice rockets (souped up cars), I’d recommend The Legend of Speed (Chinese equivalent of Fast and Furious):

legend of speed - car with nozlegend of speed - car with noz
I bet mechy will like this ;p, it has NOZ (NO2)

Interesting fact:

Krunk4Ever (5:30:27 PM): yep, not many places sell generic lexmark cartridges
Krunk4Ever (5:30:29 PM): i wonder why…
Krunk4Ever (5:30:38 PM): all epsons cartridges are made generic
Krunk4Ever (5:30:41 PM): but hp has few
Krunk4Ever (5:30:43 PM): and so does lexmark
Krunk4Ever (5:30:51 PM): is there like some patent?
ungsunghero (5:32:05 PM): no
ungsunghero (5:32:12 PM): hp and lexmark carts have the printer heads on them
ungsunghero (5:32:19 PM): cost to manufacture = a lot
ungsunghero (5:32:26 PM): epsons do not
ungsunghero (5:32:32 PM): cost to manufacture = not nearly as much
Krunk4Ever (5:33:14 PM): what’s printer heads?
Krunk4Ever (5:33:22 PM): those little copper pieces?
ungsunghero (5:33:37 PM): where the cartridge touches the paper
Krunk4Ever (5:33:47 PM): what’s the head for?
ungsunghero (5:34:01 PM): think of it as the equivalent of a ball bearing in a “ball point pen”
Krunk4Ever (5:34:08 PM): ah i c
Krunk4Ever (5:34:13 PM): how do epsons print then?
ungsunghero (5:34:15 PM): epson carts = the plastic “guy” (shudder) holding the ink
Krunk4Ever (5:34:25 PM): n/m
Krunk4Ever (5:34:29 PM): i think i know how now
ungsunghero (5:34:32 PM): hp/lexmarks = the plastic thingy (shudder…) + the metal part
Krunk4Ever (5:34:38 PM): the printer heads are part of the printer on the epson
Krunk4Ever (5:34:48 PM): and the cartridges are just bottles of ink
ungsunghero (5:34:49 PM): precisely
Krunk4Ever (5:34:58 PM): ah, it all makes sense now
ungsunghero (5:35:04 PM): exactly!
ungsunghero (5:35:05 PM): how do i know this? i’m the king of useless facts!
Krunk4Ever (5:35:14 PM): i wonder if i can send my cartridges back in and make some money
ungsunghero (5:35:19 PM): (my new catchphrase…you may quote me)
Krunk4Ever (5:35:37 PM): kewl
ungsunghero (5:39:28 PM): so has peter educated toland on something interesting today???
Krunk4Ever (5:39:35 PM): yep ^_^x
ungsunghero (5:39:44 PM): good

Free Yahoo! Mail through POP3

just a normal weekend today. Sleeping when the sun rises and waking when the sun sets. Some genius found a glitch on the Yahoo! mail servers (thanks to groundzero for point it out to me). Here is the link if you still want to use Yahoo! email. Their smtp servers (the server you use to send out) don’t work, but you can easily change that to your own isp’s smtp server or be like me and switch to a different service.

Last nite, liam and I were discussing how it’s fun to just randomly chat with people’s computer with them either being away or asleep drooling on their keyboard. He was drunk (okay not drunk, tipsy. Why do you even care if I’m politically correct?) yesterday and randomly chatted with this anonymous girl and had this big philosophical speech. The girl came back later, but that’s not the point. I recall the meeshell monster doing this many times late @ nite and I’ll wake up and have these awesome msgs to read (yes, I used to sleep like a normal human being, but I’m practicing to become an EECS major. I’ve got the nocturnal business down. Now I need to learn how to shower once a week or less) Well, here’s a little demonstration on how talking to computers can be so fun: click here. (btw, don’t get any weird ideas about the content. It was merely a demonstration! *hik*)

New links are up: added bapsfrick (my ex-best friend – sounds like my ex-boyfriend huh? Well technically that’s true. He was a boy and he was a friend, lol) and my sister’s site up. Go check it out.

New Apartment

got my 2nd physics MT back and my score was a C+. yuck. Should try harder, but I just don’t have the self-motivation to do so. Oh well, at least I’m passing this class. I have a bad feeling for my CS and Psych though. Sigh… a very bad semester indeed.

My future roommate cunndogg and I are getting excited because we found a studio on Hearst right next to Etcheverry (for those that live in Berkeley, you know how close I’m talking about. Classes will no longer be 5-10 mins away, but instead 2-5 mins. Hehe) and the landlord is interested in renting it to us. We’re having an interview on Thursday so wish us g’luck!

Stupid Yahoo will POP3 mail starting wed. the 24th (for most of you reading, that’ll be today. Actually it must be today cause it’s 6:43am and it’ll probably be ~7am when I post it. Unless you’re here late @ nite and it’ll be the Thursday the 25th) I’m frantically searching for a better email service, if all works out, there’ll be a surprise.


picture of the week has been FINALLY updated. It’s more of a humorous shot instead of a beautiful shot. Others can also say it’s a frightening shot, but I believe most of you will find it humorous. Hehe ^_^x

Nothing much happened today, but would you believe this: my suitemate lost his notebook this morning with all the notes he took from the book: the Sun Also Rises by Hemingway. He thought, that’s okay, I’ve already implemented a majority of what I have into my essay. Tonight he returns and discovers that the diskette failed on him. A true tragedy and if that happened to me, it would’ve been one of the worst days in my life. Hope everything works out for him. @ times like this, I’d heed to Jason Lee’s advice: BUSHITSU!!!

Microsoft Mouse/Keyboard warranty

first to clear up some confusion. The midterm I missed was only optional (not to be graded, more like a practice MT). also, about the mouse, if you haven’t guessed it yet, yes I got it for free. You ever wonder why Microsoft mouse are so expensive? It’s because they usually have a 5year warranty and will ship a replacement w/o the hassle of you sending it back. I had a Intellimouse w/ Intellieye before, but they realized that was a bad model and discontinued it. Now instead, they upgraded mines to an Intellimouse Optical which has 2 extra buttons. Hehe. ^_^x

Went and got a free jamba juice today @ 9am. The wait time was ~1hr. skipped 4 classes today. Decided to sleep in and then woke up @ 3:30pm. I’m actually proud about what I accomplished today. Went to the dean’s office and found out my faculty advisor. Went to my faculty advisor and got my advisor code (for signing up for classes). Then I went to Physics Lab and completed it in 1hr (1/2 the time allotted). Wow!

rurouni kenshin - sanosuke - tripping
Click image to start the animation or view it in the gallery.
“Whats mine is mine and whats yours is also mine.” ~ sano

Dead Power Supply

5 days ago, Krunk died. All the rumors that he’s been killed, that he stared doing drugs, that he’s dropped out of college, that he’s been eaten, that he’s enter complete depression weren’t too far from the truth. On 4/13/2002 (that date shall be imprinted in Krunk’s mind forever), Krunk became powerless and died. Not one day has Krunk ever felt so weak, so feeble, so frail. For the past 5 days, he’s been wandering around helplessly, looking for his soul. There was no longer meaning in life. He tried to stop and sleep, but there was something missing and he lay wide awake the entire night. But today, Krunk’s been resurrected. God has once again perform a miracle. Krunk was completely intact. What happened???

On Saturday morning when I was in the shower, there was a BOOM! (sounded like a heavy object that fell off my desk as witness damion recalled). When I returned, my computer had magically shut off by itself and there was a scent of something burning. I was like “uh oh…”. Push the power, no response. Thought (actually more like hope) the surge protector popped, but nope, everything was still powered. Push the power button a few more times, but was hopelessly out of luck. After a brief search, I found my power supply had blown its fuse. Then the torture came. I don’t mind using other people’s computers, but my computer is like my soul. I can’t just share it with someone else. My computer lied there lifeless for 5 days and each and every day life got more boring and painful. There was just nothing to do besides watch TV which I got sick of really fast. At night when I was trying to go to sleep, all I heard was the humming of the refrigerator and that annoyed me. Where’s the humming of my computer, the perfect white noise for a computer geek like me. It was a sad tragedy, maybe comparable to a greek tragic epic.
Monday’s mail came: no power supply
Tuesday’s mail came: no power supply
Wednesday’s mail came: FINALLY!!!
I was so happy, I ran home (my dorm) and ripped open the package and installed the baby in. However, happiness always comes with consequences: skipped both my project meeting and midterm for CS. But hey, what in life is free? Hehe.

I also got a new mouse today. Really sleek looking. Click here to check it out. Guess how much it cost? Hehe, I’ll let you guess but won’t tell you the answer. ;p

Oh yeah, I may seem weird for the next couple days, but bear with me. The secret will be revealed on Saturday or Sunday.


nothing much happened today. Got this new program though called AIM+. Here’s a screenshot of it:

aim+ screenshot

Besides the cool fading effects (aka the semi-transparent effect), it removes the ads and keeps a log of all your conversations. I just recalled that Windows 2k and XP support see through windows and with programs like Windows Blinds, you can have all your windows semi-transparent.

Elbandmonkey told me a secret today. Let’s stop there before I ruin the surprise. -_^x

Frying an Egg on a CPU!

we’ve always claimed the cpus (especially cyrix and amd) can get so hot it can fry an egg. However, not many ppl have actually seen this happen. Thanks to panzer for providing this thread: How to fry and Egg on an XP!. Really awesome post! ^_^x

Thanks to damion, I got myself a copy of Warcraft 3 beta! W00h00!!! Since warcraft 2 and starcraft, this game has been the most anticipated game on my list. The game is awesome and was completely worth the wait. The 3d textures is extremely nice, game play is smooth and the AI got smarter!!! Besides humans and orcs, there are now the undead and nightelves which I find very interesting. Was attacking with an alive tree. Reminds me of Pocahontas! Lol! Anyway, that game kept me busy for several hours and kept me from doing hw. Bad krunk bad krunk. ;p

I just realized how great it is doing math @ 5am is. Just finished watching Prince of Egypt again (and I do recommend watching it for it is one of the best animated story with an awesome plot). During the movie, I had no idea what was going on and I never did to begin with (that’s why I got a C on my first midterm). HOWEVER, after the movie, I sat down and started blasting mp3s in my headphones and I finished 2 sections within 30 mins with complete understanding (that’s 11 outta the 17 problems I was assigned for hw). Now I realized why I always do hw late @ nite and not during the afternoon/evening. I guess this is the time I have the clearest state of mind. Too bad social traditions say it’s good to sleep early and rise early. Sigh.. gotta wake up @ 10am tomorrow and it’s 6am already. ~ciao~

Psych midterm answers are posted and I just scored myself a 24/50 (F!). yuck. Muy muy yucky!!! Hopefully everyone in class didn’t do too well and lower the curve. (big hope there tho). Thanks to mechy: article, hilarious article by Berkeley’s humor magazine Squelch. Describes exactly how I feel ;p.

Some problems came up with my picture of the week and seems like either it’s going to be late or I’ll have to change my original plans. Hopefully, I’ll have something nice by Wednesday, or maybe I can go through my archives! Hehe.

Apple = Window?

waited in line in the post office for 45mins today. The lines here are much worse than Monterey Park. Maybe it’s because of the long arduous walk there. Takes 15mins alone just to get there from my dorm. Wished I had my car. *drooools*

I noticed a very bad habit I make when instructing people to troubleshoot their computers. I tend to say: push apple + pause break, but what I really mean is window + pause break. For some weird reason, I can’t acknowledge there’s a window key, but I’ve always known there was an apple key. Oh well, Microsoft sux anyway. Linux all the way!! ^_^x

Well, I’ve already obtained my picture of the week, but won’t be posted yet due to request of a special friend of mine, mechy. It’ll be posted on Wednesday at the latest. Thanks to my loyal friends who come back and visit my website every so often.

That’s all for tonite, need to start homework which is due tomorrow. Maybe will add some more tonite, but would most likely be posted tomorrow.