Apple = Window?

waited in line in the post office for 45mins today. The lines here are much worse than Monterey Park. Maybe it’s because of the long arduous walk there. Takes 15mins alone just to get there from my dorm. Wished I had my car. *drooools*

I noticed a very bad habit I make when instructing people to troubleshoot their computers. I tend to say: push apple + pause break, but what I really mean is window + pause break. For some weird reason, I can’t acknowledge there’s a window key, but I’ve always known there was an apple key. Oh well, Microsoft sux anyway. Linux all the way!! ^_^x

Well, I’ve already obtained my picture of the week, but won’t be posted yet due to request of a special friend of mine, mechy. It’ll be posted on Wednesday at the latest. Thanks to my loyal friends who come back and visit my website every so often.

That’s all for tonite, need to start homework which is due tomorrow. Maybe will add some more tonite, but would most likely be posted tomorrow.

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