Forgot to wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR yesterday. My friend Goshtic gave me this hilarious flash music video to wish everyone a happy new year. As for the picture of the week, it has now been updated. I hope you like this week’s pic (pun for pick also, hehe).

Today can be considered one of my best days of the week. Can’t believe how much work I can do just by waking up earlier. Besides my normal classes today. I went to speak to the Head TA for my math class, went to the Office of Registrar to pick up a GPA Verification form (for those that want to re-apply for Cal Grant, I urge you to pick it up asap and mail it back to your high school if you’re still a freshman because it needs to be postmarked by March 2nd), and attended a psychology research project (which I’ll talk about in the next paragraph).

The psychology project was extremely weird. The point of the project was to try to express feelings through our hands without seeing any other part of our body. Basically, there’s 2 ppl (a toucher – me, and a touchee – victim). Throughout the experiment, we never saw each other’s face. I had very low confidence in trying to express feelings like embarrassment and pride and some weird stuff through my hands. I didn’t even have any clue what I was suppose to do. But all in all, it was fun.

I’ll be heading down to the Post Office again Friday, ugh. Going to ship another DVD-ROM drive and my GPA verification form. Here’s a quote from my friend ungsunghero: you don’t like POS POs, do you?

Boby’s Bday

It’s been a while since I updated this page. So stacked with homework. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! Classes are starting to get boring again and I’m trying to figure out how to create a free day within my schedule. Probably Monday, but hw gets assigned on Monday for Math53M. Maybe I’ll get it from my friend or something.

On saturday, we celebrated Boby’s Bday. Check out the digipix here. I finally got to hug my Boby Bear! (highlight of my week, maybe even my month!)

On the left frame, I added link to my albums of digipix. Enjoy ^_^x

!!REMINDER!! FASFA are due March 1st or 2nd.

So many of you still haven’t discover the secret of my profile. Sigh…..