Trip to In-N-Out

An interesting day. A very interesting day indeed. Went on an expedition to in-n-out led by damion. Made it there and the food was good, but it took 3hrs for a roundtrip, unlike UCLA folks (5min walk or less).

Came back and found out my favorite anime Hikaru no Go just released a new episode and actually met arggghman on irc for my very first time! Mechy came over later and we spent another 3 hrs on reading the stupid psych book on psychotherapy and how it all leads to placebo. Really cool stuff, but the author tends to repeat stuff like 400 million times.

The best part of the day was when… actually there were 2 good news today. I found out Stanford lost to Kansas in the Final Four Basketball tournament behind by ~30pts. Hehe. And Cal won its first game and moved to the next step in the tournament, w00h00! Like I was saying, the best part of the day was when I got Mechy hooked onto Hikaru no Go. Watched 8 episodes in one nite. Hehe.

Btw, Krunk has re-surfaced and comes out more often now. It’s going to be a wild party soon! 😉

Happy Birthday ZUltimaZ!

Today’s my bro’s bday so I’d like to wish him ~A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!~

Yesterday’s news got too long so I decided to talk about Armageddon here. My dvd’s finally arrived (w00h00!) and Armageddon was the first one I watched. It’s always been one of my favorite movies especially the ending where tons of touching speeches all come together. 4th time I watched it and I still get teary.

Today I had Chinese mu-shu (mushoo) with lori and milkmandan. It was SO good!!! Sigh I really missed food from home. Was suppose to go to SF today but didn’t really feel like shopping today + chris wasn’t going.

A ton more happened today, but too tired to tell u each and every bit, so I’ll end my news with a link. Hope you guys will enjoy it. ^_^x

Random Crap

I’m really sorry again about not posting yesterday. Yesterday was such a boring day that there really wasn’t anything to write about besides me acting like a zombie going to 8 hrs of classes. (yes I went to every single class yesterday)

For those who watch movies on their computer, DivX 5.0 is out. Not many movies support this codec yet, but supposedly better compression with higher quality, so pretty soon movies will be using DivX 5.0 instead of the current 3.0. I wonder what ever happened to 4.0alpha? It was out, but not too many groups used it and now 5.0 is out. Hehe.

Today it was pouring like crazy (said it was raining like a b*tch earlier to a friend and I was wondering how my language ever became this vulgar). After dinner, although it was only a ~40ft dash, I was completely soaked. Before I left for dinner it was only sprinkling, so I didn’t bother with an umbrella. Then it began to hail for like 3 minutes non-stop. Oh well, it was fun. ;p

As for the picture of the week, another temporary picture has been put up, but will be soon be replaced by the real thing (hopefully tomorrow when it doesn’t rain). The temporary pictures is really a little project my friend beardseeba put together. In a moment, you’ll find out why I bolded the beard part. Hehe. -_^x

My friend shortdog (known each other since 9th grade, but only through a name and never in person. part of my #psx clan) just found my website and here’s what he has to say:

[7:14pm] <shortdog> What’s yo name?
[7:14pm] <shortdog> You brandon?
[7:15pm] <shortdog> Drunk (suzanne) is a funny pic
[7:15pm] <shortdog>> Heh
[7:16pm] <shortdog> Carol is pretty cute 🙂
[8:46pm] <shortdog> N/m Toland
[8:46pm] <shortdog> Heh

DVD Drive!

yesterday was actually a pretty cool day. First I went to my psych study. It was testing our reaction toward death. Before continuing reading, think about this question to yourself: How do you feel about your personal death?

Guess that was enough space for you to think, hehe. Well, I personally had a somewhat positive response to it such as that it was a natural part of life and I’m not afraid of it, but because I know it will happen to me someday that I try to live everyday to my fullest. The thing they were testing for was how we generally respond to negative or positive events. Death I would presume is a negative event, but they are finding more and more support that many don’t view it as so, but instead many view it as a positive event. I personally don’t want to die, but I really don’t have any grudge against it. Maybe it’s like that commercial on tv where they say babies learn how to walk, see, talk, and love when they’re small, but when do they learn to hate? Hehe, I’ve always wondered when do we really acknowledge that we will die someday. Is it innate? Or were we taught it through the many means of media nowadays? Just something interesting to ponder on.

There wasn’t much to do on a Friday nite. Most of my suite was out… Going to retract my previous statement. I GOT MY DVD DRIVE!!! Installed it and it works perfectly. Did I tell u guys I got bought a dvd drive 2 days ago? Really fast shipment. Now I can’t wait for my dvd’s to come. Hehe. Here’s the list I bought: Armageddon, Blade, Deuce Bigalow, Terminator 2, Twister. Sigh, can’t believe they ran outta Fight Club. One day… I’ll get you Fight Club, just wait for that one day!

For the first time of the week, I got to see Martin. It was a fun little get-together and we went to dinner afterwards. As I thought my high-point of the day was when I got my DVD Drive, I was so wrong. My friend Lori went home and brought her car over. So I went cruising last nite in a Saab convertible with 2 other friends + Lori. Really really fun. Blasting music @ 90dB (+/- 5dB), everyone was staring @ us. First we went to some donuts place and got donuts holes, just fried and glazed and still HOT, not warm, HOT. Then we went to Safeway (Vons in SoCal) and bought booze and I got my Downy balls! Hehe. Really interesting night.


today I received my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and deodorant from Walgreens! Yay!!! Have I told u since I’ve started using conditioner, I’ve been obsessed with it? So I opened my conditioner and started to sniff it and the only way to get a large wiff is by squeezing the bottle. One squeeze, not enough. Squeeze harder, not enough. One more try… BLECK! Out comes the conditioner onto my nose. Hehe.

My back was a lot better today. Just remembered I forgot to scan my doodles from my midterms, so I went down to the RCC today and quickly scanned them. I hope you’ll enjoy them. The happy face on the computer wasn’t drawn by me, but was drawn by my lab partner Alice today during discussion.

There’s a sale on DVDs @ (86 dvds for $9.99 including Fight Club). Too bad they ran outta Fight Club when I got there. Bought 5 for a total of $58.31 shipped. Resale value of these 5 are up in the $70-$90 total.

Btw, I missed taking the picture by about 3 minutes. If I was just there 3 minutes earlier, I could’ve taken it. Maybe tomorrow if I remember. Wish me luck guys! ^_^x

My aching back!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My aching back. Had a back-breaking day (literally). Woke up today and my bad was so sore (neck down to tail bone). Took some Tylenol and this is the first time it has failed me. Didn’t help at all! When I was in class, I tried to turn around to look at the clock to check the time. Hurt so bad that I had to turn my whole body around to do it. Guess I slept in a bad posture.

Today’s the first sign of good news. Entering my discussion expecting to fail my last midterm, but thank god I passed!!! The grader was also very lenient cause I found parts where I could definitely have taken points off, but he/she didn’t.

As for the picture of the week. I’m still working on it. Due to special circumstances, it’ll either be up in the next few days or it’ll just have to wait till next week. Sorry about that. But at the mean time, I have a temporary pic of the week up. I hope you guys will like it. It’s not much, but it’s sorta pretty.

Sigh, halfway through updating this website, I fell asleep as dead as a mule (is that the saying? Or is it a different animal). Didn’t even get to check a card a very special friend sent me. However, I just bought another DVD-Drive and an EIDE Controller so I can have a dvd player on my system. Yah, I know, a waste of money, but that’s me! ^_^x

Never argue with an idiot

sorry about not updating last nite. Was busy with my CS project and a party was going on when I came back. It was a crazy night, everyone was drunk, we were playing truth or dare (u should’ve seen me belly-dancing, it was horrible but made everyone laff ;p). went to bed @ 7am and had a good long sleep till 5:30pm today.

Thanks to mandalayx for providing the link to these hilarious rules of IM.

As I was reading a thread from Anandtech, I came upon this quote: “Never argue with an idiot. They will bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” Thought it was really funny and worth mentioning to those who actually read my logs.

CONGRATS ON Mark Keppel’s 2002 Science Olympiad Team for making state!!!!
Last I heard, they were 5th in regional but who knows? I heard that the remaining events that haven’t been scored were areas they believed they did well in!!!! YAY!!

Ages of the GrandDaughters

so tired. Been running all day on 2 hrs of sleep since this morning @ 8am. Not going to talk much today, just a riddle I got from a CS TA during our midterm yesterday. Supposedly when u get interviewed by Microsh*t, the first question they ask you is a riddle. So here goes:

Two old men were sitting on a porch. Old man #1 asked old man #2 to guess the ages of his 3 granddaughters. The sum of their ages is equal to the street number of this house. The product of their ages is equal to 36. Old man #2 began to ponder and then looked up and said, “You forgot to tell me something, didn’t you?” Old man #1 thought for a second and said, “Oh yeah! My oldest granddaughter has blue eyes.” Old man #2 then immediately gave the correct answer.

How old were the 3 granddaughters?

(answer will be posted on Sunday night)

New addition to my body

that was a good sleep. 5am to 5pm. Wow 12 hrs. guess I was really tired. Hehe. Today was a good day. Went to Target (college student’s heaven), but I didn’t find my downy balls. Sigh. Walmart is better because they have downy balls. Target didn’t have the foosball we came to look for either. It was on sale for $24. Check out this foosball table. Even online for $35 + s/h (~$40) is still a really good deal. Both the Target @ El Cerrito and Pinole had these clearance items sold out. Sigh…

guess what guys!!! Science Olympiad is in a week!!!! For those that actually check my site, GOOD LUCK!! I hope you guys will “enjoy” this year’s competition and be able to perform your best. Cross your fingers and hope mango won’t be in one of her moods that day. (for some reason she always is, especially after the competition where she criticizes everything *shiver*). Hmmmmm, I wonder if my site will ever reach her. I’d be in deep sh*t if it does. Hehe. I also hope she has NO IDEA what a krunk is.
I got my haircut today!!! Thanks to the almighty sam and his clipper skills. He also gave me a

My tail. I still haven’t decided to keep it yet. Initial responses from my friends weren’t that great, however they say it gives me attitude, but I believe they’re just trying to console me.

Oh yeah, I updated yesterday’s news because apparently I forgot something very important.


Check out this awesome picture. (thanks to my friend ungsunghero). Sure brings back memory of my Street Fighter days. You know I just noticed a big mistake I’ve had with all my news. They’ve been saying: 2001 instead of 2002. lol, guess it’s my subconscious telling me that time should slow down.

Today wasn’t one of my good days. It wasn’t that bad either. The realization that tomorrow is my midterm is really scary, cause besides homework, I have no idea what is going on. During math discussion, which I should’ve been paying attention because he was going over the practice midterm (I tried… I really did! But I fell asleep), I drew a doodle which I believed was worth displaying. This was all done in paint with a regular mouse.

Anyway, I’d love to continue my chat with you guys, but I really have to go and make my “quarter page cheat sheet” for my midterm tomorrow. Ciao~