King Kong

IdA (Identity and Access) had a morale event on Wednesday. We all got to go see King Kong! You can watch the trailer here. IMDB users rate it an 8.3. The movie was really nice and exciting at the same time, but wow, it was 3 hours long! That also equated 3 hours of not-working, since we went to watch the movie during business hours. It was pretty sweet. I got in that day around 11. Helped out a new teammate on how to use the Infocards UI. Then I went to lunch at 12pm with other Cal Bears. Got back around 2pm and left for the movie at 2:30pm. The movie started at 3, but that was just the previews. I’d say the movie actually started around 3:20 and ended around 6:30pm. Most of the people went straight home after the movie, but I decided to put in a few extra hours since I’ve really only worked for 1.5hrs that day. I put in another hour or so and called it a day.

Well, back to the movie. The movie was so beautiful and the animation and computer graphics were awesome! When compared to the Hulk, this was way better. I only used Hulk as a comparison since it also featured a large oversized gorilla, although that gorilla was green. The story was true to the 1933 depiction of th movie and the novel. There were actually 2 movies before Peter Jackson’s 2005 revision: 1933 and 1976, however the 1976 storyline changed a lot.

king kongking kongking kong


One of the 1st question people asked after seeing the movie was: “Did the original have dinosaurs?” That’s what I said when I first saw the trailer. Yes, there were indeed dinosaurs in the original 1933 movie. If you click on the 1933 link, you can clearly see King Kong battling a pterosaur. I’ve also uploaded a clip from the original: Spider Pit Sequence which clearly shows the triceratops on the other end of the log bridge.

Just a warning for those who are afraid of bugs and insects, you’re going to hate the Spider Pit Sequence in Peter Jackson’s redition. I actually saw people cover their face. And for those who have seen it, weren’t the worms awesome!?!?!

The battle scene with King Kong vs the 3 T-Rexs were also really great. However, I felt many of the scenes were dragged out a bit too long. The animation was great. The storyline was great. The movie overall was just a bit too long. It felt like the 1st Lort of the Rings in someway, but that had a reason for being long, it was trying to build up character development.

You probably know the rest of the King Kong story, so you don’t need me to explain it to you. I’ve also taken a liking to Naomi Watts. She’s really pretty.

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