Bleach Episode 61

Bleach Episode 61

Not much fighting in this one…



Although there wasn’t much fighting in this one, there was a lot of explanations. Why is Captain Aizen evil? Why does he need Rukia? What was Uruhara’s connection to this whole thing? Why was he banned from Soul Society?

What happen basically was Captain #4 (the nurse) found out where Captain Aizen and Gin teleported to and through telepathy, told everyone about it, even the ryokas (Ichigo and group). Just before Aizen kills Renji, Ichigo arrives and blocks and they team up and try to fight Aizen. Do note, both of them are still badly injured at this point and both get knocked down easily. However, Ichigo’s soul slayer is still in BanKai mode. Aizen says since they’re about to die anyway, he’d tell them the story. There’s 4 basic attacks: sword, arms, feet, and spiritual. Once you reach the max, you’ve reached the highest level of a Shinigami. However, can one advance even further? There is a way and that is to merge powers with a Hollow. Aizen has been experimenting for many years without much results (recall the Shino incident where Rukia kills her lieutenant because he transformed into a Hollow). However, Captain Uruhara found a way to do it and created the item that would easily merge the two powers. Uruhara was the scientist/researcher of the 13 captains, so him finding it wasn’t ridiculous. However, he saw that the item as too dangerous, but was unable to destroy what he created. So he hid it instead, inside a normal being. And that was Rukia. That was why Rukia’s spiritual attacks were so powerful initially when she was small. It took Aizen many many years to figure where Uruhara hid this item. And now he can finally advance his powers.

The mouse captain shows up and the episode ends there. We have yet to see his BanKai yet, so this may be exciting.

Here’s what I think (may spoil for the rest of you, if you didn’t see the same thing): Rukia doesn’t actually have the item anymore. That’s why her powers are always so weak now. In fact, that item has been transferred into Ichigo. I’m not sure if he became a Shinigami after the item transferred or if he could’ve before, but that’s another point to think about. He already has 2 beings in him: both the Hollow and the Shinigami. I bet he’s going to bust out a half Shinigami and half Hollow to kick Aizen’s butt.

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