Weekly Top Posts (12/16/2007 to 12/22/2007)

Here’s this week’s top post:

  1. How to download HD Trailers from Apple.com (Last week: #1)
  2. Print USPS First Class, Media Mail, Parcel Mail Postage for FREE! (Last week: #2)
  3. 4 Free Xbox Live Arcade Games (Last week: #3)
  4. up arrow Haloid (Last week: #9)
  5. up arrow Free AutoCheck Report (Similar to Carfax) (Last week: #6)
  6. down arrow LeekSpin (Last week: #5)
  7. Animal Crossing Tragedy (Last week: #7)
  8. up arrow Canon PSC-1000 (New)
  9. down arrow Spinning Dancer (Last week: #4)
  10. iTunes Album Views (Last week: #10)


My guess for the increase view of the Canon PSC-1000 is the fact that the Canon SD1000 digital camera has been on sale recently, and given that it’s near Christmas and many SD1000s are being given as gifts, they thought a nice camera case would go along with it.

The case is actually quite nice, thought a bit expensive. The hole on the top where the wrist-strap goes through is a bit too small. I actually took and scissor and made the hole bigger. Turned out rather well.

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