Firefox Corrupting Cookies and Session Info

One of the most annoying thing that has been happening for the past few months was that Firefox appears to corrupt my cookies/sessions. You know those “remember me” check boxes or when your bank asks if you want them to remember this computer so you don’t have to answer the security questions the next time you log in? Yeah, those would be pretty much corrupted after a day or 2. Every few days I would always have to re-sign into my most frequently visited sites and given that I only visit my bank websites once or twice a month, I always had to answer the security questions all over again.

When this happened, I confirmed that the cookie is indeed still there and hasn’t expired. I also made sure that I didn’t accidentally enable a Firefox setting that purged or invalidate all cookies after a certain amount of time.

At first I thought it was some add-on/extension causing the issue, since I do have a large array of extensions that I use and since extensions are all-powerful, it was very likely to be the case. However, even with all my add-ons disabled, I was still experiencing the issue.

After awhile, I just decided to live with it.

Fast forward a few months and I saw that Firefox had just released a new version (3.0.10) and wanted to play with it without waiting for it to automatically upgrade. I was shocked to find out I was still using 3.0.1… I’ve always thought Firefox would notify me when there’s a new update, which is the case if you’re running as an Administrator. However, I always run as a regular user (non-admin) and only elevate when I need higher access and more privileges. Can be a pain sometimes, but it’s not that bad once you get used to it. And over the course of a day, I probably need to elevate between 0 to 2 times.

So with Firefox never ever telling me to upgrade, I’ve been using 3.0.1 for who knows how long and 3.0.1 was apparently riddled with these annoying bugs.

After upgrading to 3.0.10, all my cookie corruption problems have since disappeared.

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