Ugh… Homework

If you were here earlier today, you would’ve noticed I changed the previous date from 02.04 to 02.03 because I truly believe that a new day doesn’t start till you wake up, even if I sleep @ 5am in the morning.

I should so be doing homework at this moment but homework is so boring!!!! Last semester I was always 1week+ ahead on my homework. Now I’m doing homework that’s due tomorrow! Ugh!!! Sucks to take 5 classes but I bet I’ll be happy if I pass all 5. Guess self satisfaction comes at a price.

Well, I added a guest book for those whose actually come to my website. Plus I also reversed the journal thingy.

I also added a counter. Now I get to check my stats. w00h00!! Hehe, the # may look a bit big, but it’s a continuation of which namezero took back. Those bastards. Grrrrr.

Next time I’ll be updating on #calnime – berkeley’s irc anime network.

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