WinXP Rocks!

I was checking the states of my sites and here’s what I noticed: Although only @ 34.48% (your mileage will vary), Windows XP is the most dominant OS that visits my website. You can check the stats here. WinME on the other hand has a whopping 2.3%. This can mean one or two things. The world has already realized WinME was a degraded version of Win98 OR most of my friends are techies and have swapped over to WinXP. ^_^x

I was SO SO SO tired today. Slept @ 4:30am and got up @ 7:30am for my 8am class. 1st set of class ended @ 11 and after I came back, I hit the sack like a baby. Slept through two classes and had to get up @ 4pm to go to my Physics lab since that was mandatory. Thank god tomorrow’s Friday.

I’ve also got back to listening to the radio. Winamp just isn’t random enough, so I’ve been listening to KIISFM 102.7 through the internet. Seems like everyone is taking their midterms right now. Mines are in 2 weeks. Sigh, college life just flies by huh?

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