Get your own *.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU domain

Got back @ 3:30 am this morning from San Francisco. Where’d I go? Here’s a hint:

“Doctors are nuts concerning elephants. Chiropractors loosen up bones.”

I had a great time and it was so much fun. But so tired right now. I’ll probably continue this tomorrow. Luv it when your first class is @ 2pm. ^_^x

W00h00. classes are over on a purdy Friday afternoon. My friend PreyX just showed me something awesome. For most people in Berkeley, we have hostmasks like:

But now you can change it to: _____.Reshall.Berkeley.EDU just by going to HelpDesk and submitting a request like this:
I’d like to have hostname Thanks.
Then BOOYAH! Now I have krunk.Reshall.BERKELEY.EDU

Just got a reply from them. Here’s what they said:

OK, all done. Here is some info on the change:
After enabling a new hostname for your computer, the complete name for your computer will be This change is final. You will not be allowed to change your hostname a second time, so consider your choice carefully.
Hostnames may only be changed for residents who already have an In-Room Connection. Changes will take effect by the morning after the day they are submitted.

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