School Problems

I’ve just been bombarded with tons of problems. Just realized I’m still not enrolled in Math 54 (linear algebra and linear differentials). Already setup a meeting with the Head TA for tomorrow. Then I have a Math 53 (multivariable calculus) midterm on Friday I just found out. I actually marked it on my calendar, but didn’t realize it till I went to discussion today. Then I need a GPA Verification Form which I still have no idea what to do with it yet, but have to submit it somehow to apply for Cal Grant. WHY CAN’T LIFE SLOW DOWN!!! Things were just starting to look good when I had my homework done last week. I couldn’t even get up for class this morning since I did homework till 6am running off M&Ms. Staying awake is one thing. Staying awake to do homework is a totally different thing.

My friends Liam and Lydia and I had a discussion on how guys and girls hate each other differently. Guys tend to never hate girls for we see them as delicate beings who need to be loved. Guys can find girls annoying and that’s when we began to ignore them, but deep inside we don’t hold grudges or hate them extensively. When a guy truly hates a girl, he has no problem admitting it. I hated this girl in elementary school so much because she was always so cocky and stuck her nose up at me. I can clearly remember times when I beat her on a test and I would yell “YES!!!” just to make her feel bad. Girls on the other hand, tend to hold all types of hatred deep inside them. They act normal and friendly in front of each other, but once they are alone with others, they talk behind their back and basically badge on each other. I can never see a guy doing that, although there are exceptions, but I’m talking about a typical guy vs a typical girl. I hope this won’t stir up a case against me for being sexist for I’m scared of the yellow lawyer lady-man (inside joke from psych 2).

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