My aching back!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! My aching back. Had a back-breaking day (literally). Woke up today and my bad was so sore (neck down to tail bone). Took some Tylenol and this is the first time it has failed me. Didn’t help at all! When I was in class, I tried to turn around to look at the clock to check the time. Hurt so bad that I had to turn my whole body around to do it. Guess I slept in a bad posture.

Today’s the first sign of good news. Entering my discussion expecting to fail my last midterm, but thank god I passed!!! The grader was also very lenient cause I found parts where I could definitely have taken points off, but he/she didn’t.

As for the picture of the week. I’m still working on it. Due to special circumstances, it’ll either be up in the next few days or it’ll just have to wait till next week. Sorry about that. But at the mean time, I have a temporary pic of the week up. I hope you guys will like it. It’s not much, but it’s sorta pretty.

Sigh, halfway through updating this website, I fell asleep as dead as a mule (is that the saying? Or is it a different animal). Didn’t even get to check a card a very special friend sent me. However, I just bought another DVD-Drive and an EIDE Controller so I can have a dvd player on my system. Yah, I know, a waste of money, but that’s me! ^_^x

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