today I received my shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste and deodorant from Walgreens! Yay!!! Have I told u since I’ve started using conditioner, I’ve been obsessed with it? So I opened my conditioner and started to sniff it and the only way to get a large wiff is by squeezing the bottle. One squeeze, not enough. Squeeze harder, not enough. One more try… BLECK! Out comes the conditioner onto my nose. Hehe.

My back was a lot better today. Just remembered I forgot to scan my doodles from my midterms, so I went down to the RCC today and quickly scanned them. I hope you’ll enjoy them. The happy face on the computer wasn’t drawn by me, but was drawn by my lab partner Alice today during discussion.

There’s a sale on DVDs @ (86 dvds for $9.99 including Fight Club). Too bad they ran outta Fight Club when I got there. Bought 5 for a total of $58.31 shipped. Resale value of these 5 are up in the $70-$90 total.

Btw, I missed taking the picture by about 3 minutes. If I was just there 3 minutes earlier, I could’ve taken it. Maybe tomorrow if I remember. Wish me luck guys! ^_^x

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