DVD Drive!

yesterday was actually a pretty cool day. First I went to my psych study. It was testing our reaction toward death. Before continuing reading, think about this question to yourself: How do you feel about your personal death?

Guess that was enough space for you to think, hehe. Well, I personally had a somewhat positive response to it such as that it was a natural part of life and I’m not afraid of it, but because I know it will happen to me someday that I try to live everyday to my fullest. The thing they were testing for was how we generally respond to negative or positive events. Death I would presume is a negative event, but they are finding more and more support that many don’t view it as so, but instead many view it as a positive event. I personally don’t want to die, but I really don’t have any grudge against it. Maybe it’s like that commercial on tv where they say babies learn how to walk, see, talk, and love when they’re small, but when do they learn to hate? Hehe, I’ve always wondered when do we really acknowledge that we will die someday. Is it innate? Or were we taught it through the many means of media nowadays? Just something interesting to ponder on.

There wasn’t much to do on a Friday nite. Most of my suite was out… Going to retract my previous statement. I GOT MY DVD DRIVE!!! Installed it and it works perfectly. Did I tell u guys I got bought a dvd drive 2 days ago? Really fast shipment. Now I can’t wait for my dvd’s to come. Hehe. Here’s the list I bought: Armageddon, Blade, Deuce Bigalow, Terminator 2, Twister. Sigh, can’t believe they ran outta Fight Club. One day… I’ll get you Fight Club, just wait for that one day!

For the first time of the week, I got to see Martin. It was a fun little get-together and we went to dinner afterwards. As I thought my high-point of the day was when I got my DVD Drive, I was so wrong. My friend Lori went home and brought her car over. So I went cruising last nite in a Saab convertible with 2 other friends + Lori. Really really fun. Blasting music @ 90dB (+/- 5dB), everyone was staring @ us. First we went to some donuts place and got donuts holes, just fried and glazed and still HOT, not warm, HOT. Then we went to Safeway (Vons in SoCal) and bought booze and I got my Downy balls! Hehe. Really interesting night.

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