Blood+ Episode 10

Blood+ Episode 10 – I want to meet you



In this episode, the introduce 2 higher classes of vampires: Chevalier and Diva. Chevalier’s the protectors of Diva, and unlike the other vampires we’ve seen earlier in this series, they are smarter. I’ve always wondered what Haji was and what happened to him. I guess we can only wait to have that unravel.

In this episode, Saya receives a blue rose on her desk. That means the phantom has chosen her as the prettiest girl. This made the teacher’s pet jealous. Then the entire school goes to Hanoi to visit the war museum. There Saya’s memories come rushing back and she sees herself slaying vampires along with innocent people. At this time, the school director shows up as the phantom again and tries to get closer to Saya. Haji shows up but gets pushed back. Saya is too afraid to pull the sword after seeing her past, however she remembers the words of her father and brother where they said no matter what happened or happens, they’re always going to be family and Saya is always going to be Saya, so choose the correct path from now and forget about the past. She unsheaths the sword and slices the director’s hand. However, the director is sad that she doesn’t remember everything yet because killing her won’t be as fun.

The episode ends with the director running away.

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