Linksys PAP2 + TelePacket/VoipBuster

Wow! How long has it been since I got this? Over 2 months ago? I purchased the Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter for Vonage Internet Phone Service awhile ago… well I wouldn’t say purchase. It was FREE after rebate, so I only paid sales tax of $5.44. I’ve already received my rebate already so all is cool. This was basically a cheap toy that I wanted to play with and I’m amazed at what it’s going to save me.

linksys pap2

I have 2 guides and ungsunghero to thank in helping me set it up. The guides I used were:
B$: Linksys PAP2 Unlock Info
FW: Linksys PAP2 Phone Adapter FAR (Or Make Money) @ Staples

Setting it up wasn’t that difficult. In fact all the firmware flashing and hacking was quite simple. What really got me was the setting up of the service part. Have you seen the Advance menu of the PAP2? It’s ridiculously complicated.

So the remainder of this section is actually a step by step guide on how to SETUP your PAP2 to work with TelePacket and VoipBuster.

I actually signed up for this awhile ago, back when it was called CallPacket and during the month of October, they were giving out free accounts with 100 free outgoing minutes to USA and Canada and 99999 free incoming minutes. Yes. that’s 5 9’s. That’s 70 days of non-stop talking on the fone. I don’t even use over 60 minutes a month which basically means I’m going to have probably free incoming calls for the rest of my life + a generation after me. I’ve verified that receiving calls actually work and the quality was very clear. The free plan was a promotion back in Octoboer, but they still have a great deal with their 95 cent plan. Personally I hardly ever receive or make phone calls from my landline. It’s just there so I can give a number to companies and banks so I don’t have to give them my cell phone number. I even set my answering machine to pick up after 2 rings to screen cause or to ignore them. This plan gives you 100 free incoming and 100 free outgoing minutes per month, which should be plenty. The cool part is that you get a local number. The closest to Monterey Park I found was Alhambra, and the closest to Seattle/Redmond was Kirkland and Bellevue. They even have local numbers for Oakland and Berkeley.

I would suggest you purchase the PAP2 on your own because they’re charging $60 for it here (in the activation fee).

To setup the PAP2, login to TelePacket. Click on Phone Feature Management -> My IP Phone Config.

The 3 pieces of information you need is:
Sip Proxy :
Sip Username : cpxxxxxxxx
Sip Password : xxxxxx

In your Linksys PAP2 configuration (advance view) for either line 1 or 2, update the following fields:

Proxy: (Sip Proxy)
User ID: cpxxxxxxxx (Sip Username)
Password: xxxxxx (Sip Password)

Dial Plan:
Replace aaa with your area code (i.e. 425, 626 or 510)

VoipBuster is a bit different than TelePacket. It caters toward a different audience. But the cool thing about PAP2 is there’s 2 lines meaning it can support 2 different VoIP services. TelePacket was more of an incoming phone service where it can replace your landline to recieve calls. VoipBuster is better at making calls. Check out their rates chart. Each month they have a list of countries you can call for free. This month includes: Argentina, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United States. Do note, these do not include cell phone calls. Cell phone calls to foreign countries are more expensive due to the fact that the caller is the one who pays the bill and not the receiver. But Hong Kong and China for 1penny/min is ridiculously cheap. China and Hong Kong I believe were on the free list last month. USA has been on the free country list for the past few months already and there doesn’t seem to be any plans to remove it from the list. There is a caveat. You have to put some money into your account before these free stuff rolls in. The minimum amount is €5, which comes out to be about US$6 and free calls to the USA for life (hopefully)! People have been using it for several months and not much complaints have arisen.

To setup your PAP2, first go to VoipBuster and download their software. This is the only way to register as I found out. Install the software and create your account. Remember your Username and Password because you’ll need them to set up your account.

In your Linksys PAP2 configuration (advance view) for either line 1 or 2, update the following fields:

NAT Mapping Enable: Yes
Register: Yes
User ID: (Username you created above)
Password: (Password you created above)

Dial Plan:
Replace aaa with your area code (i.e. 425, 626 or 510)

Click on the SIP tab and edit the following fields:
STUN Enable: Yes
STUN Server: (or any other public STUN server)

Others have also recommended StanaPhone for receiving free incoming calls, but the only numbers they are giving out are New York local numbers.

All in all, I’m really satisfied with this. You know what the best part of this is? I can stop paying my $25/month to Verizon. You should hear my story on how hard it was to disconnect my Verizon service tonight. Maybe I’ll talk about it some later time.

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  1. Hi, I was provisioning 5 linksys and the 2 linksys completely block. So when I turn on the device the power have a red led and I can’t do anything with the IVR menu. The device is dead. Do you know if I can do a hardware reset?

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