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This looks like an extremely fun game if it ever comes out. The game is actually being designed by the creator of the Sim series (i.e. Sim City, The Sims, etc). Words can’t really describe how cool this game can be. Do watch the video: Will Wright discusses his new game creation called “Spore”. If you’re too lazy to register, you can always use bugmenot. You can also watch this video on Google Video, but I don’t think the quality’s as good and it actually cuts off the beginning.

You can also check out some of the screenshots.

To put it in a few words, this is a game of evolution, but that barely even starts to tell you waht this game is about. You start off as a microbe living ina droplet of water. You go around eating stuff and avoiding “enemies” that can eat you in a 2D world. After a generation, you lay an egg. I know you’re suppose to just split off, but the egg is a way of letting you know you can evolve now. You can add weapons, tails, limbs, mouth and alter its shape. And you repeat this process until you become big enough to leave the 2D world. In the 3D world, you start off living in the ocean and you slowly evolve into a land creature. There’s even a point where you have to start mating with your same species to produce an egg. The story goes on and a civilization is built and you actually have war against other creatures. That part of the game is somewhat like a RTS (real time strategy).

Later on, you can build a UFO and can abduct creatures and so on. You can even move onto other planets and teraform them if it’s not livable. Later on, you can move onto other galaxies and make contact with other civilizations.

The game just looks amazingly fun.

There’s a site called The Spore Zone that is dedicated to bringing the newest information about Spore to you.

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  1. I am soooo looking forward to Spore. Someone posted that googlevid on metafilter two weeks ago; I’m hella psyched. Any idea when it’s coming out?

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