Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

A bit late + the fact I forgot to wear green today. I remembered it a few days ago, but it just slipped my mine.

There was green beer at work though, but I think it was budweiser with green dye.

Random Crap:

Linux Sex Positions – The Open Source Kama Sutra (from Cari) – NOT WORK SAFE! When Tux the penguin was introduced as the Linux mascot, Linus Torvald said he didn’t want the OS to be associated with “a randy penguin.” We think it’s time to loosen up and let the little guy have some fun. Tux and his female friend Lux are here to show you how to fsck, open source style. These positions are designed for smoothness and stability. Whether you like twiddling your bits or dangling your dongle, there’s something here to add to your sexual skillset. There’s also the Lesbian and Gay versions.

(vid) 飛後廻蹴 – Flying Kick – pretty amazing on how strong that kick was
(img) 高カロリー – High Calorie – looks like french fries Jenga
(img) 一本釣り – One Fish – fishing for Shamu

German hotel charges guests by the kiloIn the town of Norden, close to the Dutch border, guests now have to step onto the scales before moving into their rooms and fork out half a euro (35 pence) per kilogram (2.2 lbs). I wonder if a whole family is staying, then is it the combined weight of the entire family.

Got these 2 interesting quotes (from /.):

Once upon a time, Frog was taking a look at Toad’s garden. Toad had separate plots out marked “carrots” “tomatoes” and “peppers”. He also had one plot marked “weeds”, which was unkempt and full of weeds. “Toad,” asked Frog, “why the hell do you have a separate plot for weeds?!” “Well, Frog, it’s so that they stay in that plot and don’t go in any of the others.”

believe it or not. There’s a concept called a “deadweight loss” in economics. And basically, it’s any kind of harm (something someone dislikes for whatever reason) which has no corresponding *benefit* for anyone. If I take a dollar from you, that’s not a deadweight loss, because your loss was my gain. But if I burn your dollar, you lost, and no one gained. (That’s a simplification, but you get the general idea.) And obviously, deadweight losses are bad.

Now imagine a town that has a problem with thieves breaking windows so they can get into stores and houses to steal TV’s. Here is ranking of the TV owners’ preferences:

1) No TV’s be stolen or windows broken.
2) Windows broken, but no TV’s stolen.
3) TV’s stolen, but no windows broken.
4) TV’s stolen, and window’s broken.

Here is the typical thief’s order of preference:

1) Get TV’s, but not have to break windows.
2) Get TV’s and have to break windows.
3) Not get TV’s and not have to break windows.
4) Break windows for no reason.

Currently, option number 4) on the TV owners’ list, and option 2) on the theives’ list are prevailing — TV owners lose TV’s and windows. Thieves get TV’s but have to break windows.

Now here’s the kicker:

For some economists, an “efficient” move would be to give the thieves free TV’s! Why? Well, the thieves are better off — they get TV’s, but no longer have to break windows. The owners are better off because, while they still lose some TV’s, at least their windows aren’t broken! Everyone wins! Yay!

Except, as anyone with a functioning brain knows, all that would accomplish is that the thieves would get TV’s, and then some of them (or newcomers to the thievery profession) would still steal more TV’s. The problem, like with the “separate plot for weeds” that you bring up, is that you can’t corral thieves by giving them free stuff. Give weeds a place, they’ll demand more. Give thieves TV’s, and thieves will take more.

It amazes me how the average person sees this, but some economists don’t.

Elderly lovers stopped on dangerous Italy joy rideThe zig-zagging car gave them away. When Italian police pulled over the vehicle, they found a completely naked 70-year-old woman who had been trying to have sex with the driver — 11 years her junior.

Socialist glory a stitch away in new Chinese gameDoing good deeds, volunteering on building sites and obtaining Chairman Mao’s autograph are some of the objectives of “Learn from Lei Feng,” a new online game starring the Chinese Communist Party’s legendary hero. … “For beginners, sewing and mending socks is the only way to increase experience and upgrade,” said Jiao Jian, a young pupil and online game fan from the southern city of Guangzhou. … Enemies in the game are “secret agents,” Xinhua said. Players can replenish their strength after battling such evil forces by talking with the Party secretary, en route to a final meeting with Mao himself. Yet another brain washing tool?

German court rules it’s all work at office partiesThe court ruled the company’s accident insurance would have to pay disability to the man because he was technically still at work, the court said in a statement on Thursday. “Up until the end of a work-related gathering accident insurance coverage continues until it is officially over. If this time is not fixed, participants can assume it continues as long as the senior employee is present,” the court said.

Which do you prefer? TV or sex?The survey by pollsters Ipsos Reid, commissioned by Pfizer Inc., the maker of Viagra, found that Canadians between the ages of 40 and 64 spend an average of 15 minutes a day on sex and romance, but can spend as much as five hours a day watching TV or surfing the Internet. – How long do you think most men and women last at that age…

New virus holds your documents hostageIf we needed any more convincing that malware has gone commercial, a new virus making the rounds provides additional evidence. The Trojan horse encrypts a user’s documents and then directs the victim to pay US$300 into an e-gold account in return for the password that will unlock the files. It’s not clear yet how the virus is spreading, but once installed on the user’s PC, the program encrypts word processing documents, databases, and spreadsheets before deleting itself from the machine.

A few more quotes (from /.):

First some background, this was a /. article on Hot pepper kills prostate cancer cells in study.

You can also masturbate for prostate health! Just make sure you do that before handling hot peppers. Trust me on that one.

Dammit. Now my peppers taste funny.

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