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For more up-to-date instructions, please visit


For simplified instructions, see: Tutorial: Download from Apple

I’ve also added instructions to download HD trailers from Yahoo! Movies: Tutorial: Download from Yahoo!

Finally, I’ve made a simple and elegant page to make downloading HD trailers super easy: screenshot


So Quicktime sucks and is a horrible video player. That’s why there’s VLC and Media Player Classic with Quicktime Alternative. However, HD trailers on forces you to use Quicktime to watch the HD versions. However, the decoding of the video is so poorly done, I can’t even watch 480p through Quicktime.

So a year back or so, I decided to figure out a way to download these High Definition trailers so I can watch them through VLC or MPC. I believe with VLC, you don’t need the QT alternative codec, but with MPC or WMP, you do. Anyway, if you go to an HD trailer page, e.g. Apple – Trailers – Breach- HD, you’ll usually see 3 buttons: 480p, 720p, and 1080p. My machine’s not fast enough to decode their 1080p, so I always opt for the 720p version. Trailers are usually a couple hundred megs, depending on how long it is. When I showed Derek this trick, he noticed that even though trailers said 1080p, they were hardly ever 1920×1080, usually something a bit smaller.

Anyway, once you’re on an HD trailer page:

  1. Go to view source (CTRL+U in Firefox)
  2. Search for 720p or 1080p (or 480p if you want) and it’s the 2nd hit you want.
  3. You’ll find something close to this:
    QT_WriteOBJECT_XHTML(‘’, ’67’, ’24’, ”, ‘bgcolor’, ‘FFFFFF’, ‘controller’, ‘false’, ‘href’, ‘‘, ‘target’, ‘QuickTimePlayer’);
  4. The 1st hit (i.e. is just the image of the button. The 2nd hit (i.e. is actually a file that points to where the real trailer is ‘hidden’.
  5. Take the 2nd URL and add an h between the _ and the resolution:
    For 1080p, it would be:
  6. Next you can enter that URL into your browser and save it when it finishes downloading or whatever. I usually just use wget which came with Cygwin

Before, I used to keep all the trailers on my HDD:

Directory of F:\Downloads\apple trailers

123 File(s) 11,848,500,131 bytes
2 Dir(s) 51,537,440,768 bytes free

But then I decided that it wasn’t really worth keeping all these trailers, since I hardly ever rewatch them, so they went bye bye one day.

I usually visit the Apple Trailers site once or twice a month and watch all the trailers. For the trailers that have HD, I just paste all the links into notepad and do a replace all like:


Update: Apple made an adjustment to deal with the Avatar trailer traffic which only allows QuickTime to download trailers directly. Please refer to this blog post for more details and workarounds: Direct Download Links from Apple Are Not Working. Here’s to hoping it’s only temporary.

Update #2: Apple links work when you change the domain from to For most up-to-date instructions, please visit

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  1. Yep, as someone pointed above.. the Firefox extension add-on “Embedded Objects” is working well and good.. A menu appears at the bottom corner & all u have to do is click the download link of the hd trailers (which ever quality u select be it the 480p,720p or 1080p)……

  2. I recommend Flashget 1.73 for my method

    The current domain for Apple trailers is

    Install Flashget 1.73 and in the Options page go to Protocol tab – HTTP – Send referrer – User agent as User define – QuickTime/7.6.2

    Now visit

    Example – Sanctum

    Example – 480p

    Click on watch on – download – right click on 480p and save/copy link

    Now add a h after the underscore and before 480p so that it becomes

    Now copy this link and press F4 in Flashget and add the link – VOILA!

  3. I use QuickTime Lite v4.1.0 and it downloads them as it comes with its own little downloader and also can play quicktime files thru browsers too. I’m using Google Chrome on Windows 7 64bit

    1. Yep. I’ve also suggested using wget above. But not too many people are comfortable with using the command prompt and wget doesn’t come default on machines.

  4. Man this trick totally worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! Now i Downloaded many awesome trailers from!!!!!!!!
    thank you!
    wish u best in the future!!!!! 😀

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