Death Note (Anime)

I just finished watching the Death Note anime series. Although the series finished airing a month or 2 back, I wasn’t in a rush to finish watching it since I’ve already read the entire manga 2 years back. The reason I actually started reading this manga was I heard it was done by the same artist as Hikaru no Go, one of my favorite animes/mangas so far. I think it probably ranks 2nd after Rurouni Kenshin. I was walking through a bookstore the other day and noticed that Death Note mangas have already been licensed and is sold in bookstores.

Anyway, there weren’t that many differences when comparing the anime to the manga that I noticed, though I didn’t think the story was able to be told in 37 episodes. I was expecting at least 50+ like Monster, though I guess that’s a good thing considering long anime series tend to drag on with fillers and recaps.

I still haven’t watched the Death Note movie and after watching the anime series, I’m not sure I want to anymore. Like most suspense and puzzle animes, once you’ve watched it once and learnt the trick, there really isn’t that much fun in rewatching it, even if it’s in a different form. I definitely felt bored through many parts of the anime series. However, if you’ve never read the manga, I would HIGHLY recommend this series or the manga. The storyline was excellent and the logical thinking animes have always been fun for me.

The only difference I’ve really noticed (or maybe remember) is the ending. Spoilers (Show)

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