So last Thursday, a bunch of my co-workers and I decided to play some soccer. I suck horribly at the game, but like to think myself as a null-op, someone who’s contribution and damage to the team balances out to 0. The game has always been tiring the last few times we played, but this one being the first time this year was extremely hard on my legs. My legs were so sore the next day, I could barely walk (even after a 12hr sleep). I had actually gone to bed at 12am that night and slept till 12am the next day, and still didn’t want to get up.

My legs remain sore for many days and was still feeling it a bit this morning. Walking was not a easy task and I’m pretty sure people thought I must’ve walked like a penguin. It was especially hard in the morning, because even the slightest touch of the bottom of my foot was somewhat painful. I guess running back and forth for 2 hours trying to kick a ball (or block it) wasn’t really something my legs have been trained to do yet.

I decided to take a few days break from the exercise bike, but today was able to almost fully recover up to my 9 miles in 30 minute exercise regiment.

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