Dead Fantasy I

Thanks to Tera for notifying me that Monty Oum, the guy who created Haloid has created a new video titled: Dead Fantasy I. This time, unlike previously, the download links for both the HD and non-HD version are available.

The video features girls from Dead or Alive fighting against girls from Final Fantasy. At first it was just Yuna (from FFX) fighting against Kasumi and Ayane. Later when Rikku (also from FFX) pops up and aids Yuna. One by one the girls pop up ending with Hitomi (from DOA) and Tifa (from FFVII). The video ends there with a “to be continued…”

I thought the video was lacking compared to his Haloid video. That isn’t to say it wasn’t done well. The choreography and animation was pretty amazing, but I didn’t really get the storyline. Why were the girls fighting? Why are they showing up 1 by 1? Maybe he’ll start explaining some stuff in the next release: Dead Fantasy II: coming soon!

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