RSS Feed for Hacker News’ Top Links

Hacker News is one of the few news sources I follow daily. They’re a bit like Digg/Reddit where posts are user-submitted, but they focus more or tech and related news.

However, as it’s getting more and more popular, so has the number of submissions. I generally follow this type of news via RSS feeds and their RSS feed just has too much noise. They do have a Top Links list (highest voted recent links), but unfortunately no associated RSS feed.

I’ve been using Daily Hacker News, but I dislike the format where it only compiles a list of the top 10 once a day. I wanted something that would insert a new RSS entry when a new item hits the best of list.

That’s why I’m introducing Top Links | Hacker News RSS Feed:

Following in the same style of Hacker News’ RSS Feed, the item links directly to the news source and there’s a comments link in the body. With individual RSS entries, this makes it a lot easier to search for items just by looking at the title and now you can save/tag entries for later.


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