Weekly Top Posts (11/11/2007 to 11/17/2007)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, my view counter appears to be broken. Therefore, I’ve removed the plugin from my site and have decided to go with a Weekly Top Posts area. The Most Viewed list was getting a bit stagnant and and I’ve always wanted to do Weekly updates, but the view counter didn’t really support something like that.

Right now it’s a manual process, where I look at Google Analytics and just mark down the IDs of top 10 posts for the past week with the highest view count and put it into an array.

This weeks top post are:

  1. How to download HD Trailers from Apple.com
  2. 4 Free Xbox Live Arcade Games
  3. Haloid
  4. Spinning Dancer
  5. Cowbell Hero
  6. LeekSpin
  7. Missing Codecs in Firefox to Play Video in Gallery2
  8. Era – Misere Mani
  9. Final Fantasy VII – Dirge of Cerberus
  10. Free AutoCheck Report (Similar to Carfax)

This will most likely be a weekly thing and I’ll probably include the previous week’s stat as well, sort of like those music charts saying last week it was at position 5 and with an up arrow if it went up to spot #3.

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