Weekly Top Posts (1/6/2008 to 1/12/2008)

Here’s this week’s top post:

  1. Last Week: #2 4 Free Xbox Live Arcade Games
  2. Last Week: #1 How to download HD Trailers from Apple.com
  3. Print USPS First Class, Media Mail, Parcel Mail Postage for FREE!
  4. Last Week: #6 Free AutoCheck Report (Similar to Carfax)
  5. Haloid
  6. New Windows Update Error: 80070490
  7. Last Week: #4 LeekSpin
  8. New Butterfly = Symbol of Death?
  9. Last Week: #8 2-pin 3-pin Power LEDs?
  10. Last Week: #7 iTunes Album Views


There’s 2 new comers to the Top 10 list, first being the Windows Update Error: 80070490 that I got a week or 2 ago. Apparently my page is already ranked #4 on Google when you search for: windows update 80070490. Guess it means a lot of people are actually hitting this. Unfortunately, the logs and diagnostic info I submitted to the team investigating this bug proved to be not much help since I no longer am experiencing this problem.

The other new comer is the Butterfly = Symbol of Death? Looking into why there was suddenly a spike in this really old post, it turns out some people on a forum were talking about how butterflies represent the soul and reincarnation, and someone pointed out that it can also symbolize death and linked to that post.

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