Midterms are OVER!

PICTURE OF THE WEEK has been updated!!! Really pretty! ^_^x I’ve also got plans for next weeks picture already, thanks to the great sammu.

I just came back from an arduous study session with mecha on psychology which we have a midterm today (technically 12 hrs from now) I’m so freakn tired. Woke up @ 7:40am yesterday and had ~8hrs of school and then 4 hrs of studying for psych (first time the book was cracked open, hehe) Came back and died on my desk. Was later woken up by my suitemates and then been playing with my computer since. My study session with mecha was very interesting. According to Sigmund Freud, slip of the tongue represents some type of release of your internal self. During the course of our study session, we came across a name Horney (horn – eye) and mecha basically said horny. We had such a blast and couldn’t stop laffing after realizing he pronounced it wrong.

FINALLY!!! MIDTERMS for this week are over! Totally bombed my Psych one, but it’s okay cause I never really did anything for that class (in a psychological point of view, this would be a defense mechanism theorized by Sigmund Freud. Basically, the only reason I’m not feeling too bad is because I believe or HOPE that no one did that well too) My Computer Science (oh god! I almost had a heart attack)… As I was walking down to my midterm @ 7pm, I rethought… was the midterm @ 5-7 or 7-9? Last year’s midterm (cs3 – same teacher: Dan Garcia) was from 5-7) oh sh*t!!!! I started sweating and panicking. What am I going to DO????? As I was walking toward the building, I saw more and more people walking the other way. CS61A is a very big class and NO ONE was walking the same way as me!!!! Being to VLSB (Valley Life Science Building) for my first time, I was also lost and asked for direction. I got in and found the room, walked in and they were just starting to give instructions (YES! YES! I was practically thanking god for this). The midterm went really well, and our whole midterm group (yes, there was an individual section and a group section) went out to Mel’s (basically SoCal’s Johnny Rockets) for a little celebration.

Cat’s in the Cradle

there’s a song that I’ve really liked that my friend liam showed me a few days ago. Harry Chapin – “Cat’s in the Cradle” has been playing on repeat on my winamp for several days already. Click here to d/l the mp3 or click here to see the lyrics. The lyrics are very meaningful and I believe it illustrates modern society and how typical parent and children relationships are formed. A somewhat gloomy song which has caused me to reflect on how I’ve treated my parents… At first I thought this song was by Cat Stevens, but according to many websites, that’s a common misconception where the true artist is really Harry Chapin. I hope you guys will enjoy this song as much as I did.

Just got my SouthWest newsletter today. What doesn’t make sense is how come a trip to/from LAX to Oakland is more expensive than a trip to/from LAX to Phoenix, AZ!

Los Angeles, CA
$46 one-way, to/from Oakland, CA
$39 one-way, to/from Phoenix, AZ

That just doesn’t make sense to me. Sigh. Airfares used to be $30, then $34, then $39, and now $46. Stupid 911 event. =(

Bad news and good news on my midterms. Just got my midterm back from Math53M (multivariable calculus). Got a C. not too happy with it and am really pissed cause I know I could’ve done better if I tried to study. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Physics midterm was pretty ez today, got most of the questions and BSed some. Hehe. Hope I do well on this one and not blow it like my Math53.

Added the links page up with several of my old websites up and my friend argghman’s link has been moved there. For those who haven’t seen my psx or prom website, they’re ALIVE!!! The picture of the week will be changed tomorrow. So be sure to come back and check it. ^_^x

3D Game Motion Sickness

thanks to n0rybic for providing this article: Motion Sickness: Common Among Gamers?. It basically talks about motion sickness which I have contracted through playing to many 3d shooting games when I was younger. Back then it was all about duke nukem 3d and any new 3d shooting game that came out, I was there to at least give it a try. I recall the last 3d shooting game I was able to play non-stop was Jedi Knight because it had a light saber and I love sword fights. 8hrs @ a time playing finally blew up my brain I’ve decided and now if I play fast motion 3d shooting games such as QIII or Unreal Tournament, I won’t last over 30mins before a pounding headache starts. I can still manage with Max Payne and Rainbow Six cause those are much more slow paced than the previous mentioned games.

Slept @ 7am and woke up @ 5pm, nice. That’s how all my schedules should be but life is never that easy. Got several more compliments on my tail today and I’ve decided to keep it till @ least my next hair cut.

If u notice, my links now change colors and become bold! W00h00! I will be bring back several of my old webpages tomorrow. Goodbye for now cause I have a midterm tomorrow and haveta wake up @ 8am and there’s hw for me to do right now. ;p

Being Productive

woke up @ 11am today. Yes AM, not PM. Wasn’t worth it. Had to work on my cs project and midterm review. Yuck. However, I felt very productive today. Finished my cs homework, went to dinner @ La Val’s (2 medium pizza for $16 total, so $4 each for 4 ppl). Then I went for Boba at Quikeleys. Their milk green tea wasn’t as good as the one I usually get at asian ghetto food court. Then we went to unit one to shoot pool and foosball (yay! 2 guys beat 1 girl, hehe) I know we were bastards, but the girl almost won so we really felt incompetent ;p.

Btw, I got my first real compliment from beardseeba today about my tail. He said he didn’t like it yesterday, but he’s gotten into it and is starting to like it. W00h00!!! Girls however still don’t seem to like it, ex: rainy and cari. =) btw, I find it better calling it a tail than a mullet. Never even knew what a mullet was!

Nothing else much happened to today.

New addition to my body

that was a good sleep. 5am to 5pm. Wow 12 hrs. guess I was really tired. Hehe. Today was a good day. Went to Target (college student’s heaven), but I didn’t find my downy balls. Sigh. Walmart is better because they have downy balls. Target didn’t have the foosball we came to look for either. It was on sale for $24. Check out this foosball table. Even online for $35 + s/h (~$40) is still a really good deal. Both the Target @ El Cerrito and Pinole had these clearance items sold out. Sigh…

guess what guys!!! Science Olympiad is in a week!!!! For those that actually check my site, GOOD LUCK!! I hope you guys will “enjoy” this year’s competition and be able to perform your best. Cross your fingers and hope mango won’t be in one of her moods that day. (for some reason she always is, especially after the competition where she criticizes everything *shiver*). Hmmmmm, I wonder if my site will ever reach her. I’d be in deep sh*t if it does. Hehe. I also hope she has NO IDEA what a krunk is.
I got my haircut today!!! Thanks to the almighty sam and his clipper skills. He also gave me a

My tail. I still haven’t decided to keep it yet. Initial responses from my friends weren’t that great, however they say it gives me attitude, but I believe they’re just trying to console me.

Oh yeah, I updated yesterday’s news because apparently I forgot something very important.

DC on Friday = Clam Chowder

My experience with the Post Office was extremely good today. Wait time was less than 20mins and I had jamba juice as I waited. (don’t get orange dream thingy, was okay, but not too good). My midterm is due in an hour, and as I was doing the practice problems, I realized I had no idea how to graph these weirdos! Oh no!!! I’m doomed!!!!

Thanks to my friend jhchichiri! He saved my life! Gave me a 30sec lecture on how to graph xy=z and other weird spherical and cylindrical graphs. *whew*

Midterm just ended. Didn’t do too well, but oh well. Ran outta time. =( I just took the IM addict quiz. 52% addicted to Instant Messenger. How about you? You guys are in for a treat for next week’s picture. ^_^x

YES! YES! YES! I finally got to eat at the DC on Friday. You know how many days I’ve missed my Friday meal????????? I was invited to Chevy’s today and declined because I promised myself I was going to eat at the Dining Commons finally. Initially I promised to go eat Thai with cari and I realized I promised myself I had to eat at the DC, but thank god everything worked out and cari changed it to Sunday. I felt bad declining my friend’s invitation to Chevy’s though and made up a really bad excuse of having gone to Chevy’s a few weeks before. Why am I obsessed with DC on Fridays. Not only because I haven’t been to the DC once during Friday since the semester started, but because they have Clam Chowder!!!!!! Their clam chowder isn’t exceptionally good, but I have an obsession for clam chowder. They just taste good no matter who makes them. Of course there will be those that oppose to my liking of the DC’s clam chowder which many think is bad. Once again, I’d like to take the time to apologize to lori and milkmandan.


Check out this awesome picture. (thanks to my friend ungsunghero). Sure brings back memory of my Street Fighter days. You know I just noticed a big mistake I’ve had with all my news. They’ve been saying: 2001 instead of 2002. lol, guess it’s my subconscious telling me that time should slow down.

Today wasn’t one of my good days. It wasn’t that bad either. The realization that tomorrow is my midterm is really scary, cause besides homework, I have no idea what is going on. During math discussion, which I should’ve been paying attention because he was going over the practice midterm (I tried… I really did! But I fell asleep), I drew a doodle which I believed was worth displaying. This was all done in paint with a regular mouse.

Anyway, I’d love to continue my chat with you guys, but I really have to go and make my “quarter page cheat sheet” for my midterm tomorrow. Ciao~


Forgot to wish everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR yesterday. My friend Goshtic gave me this hilarious flash music video to wish everyone a happy new year. As for the picture of the week, it has now been updated. I hope you like this week’s pic (pun for pick also, hehe).

Today can be considered one of my best days of the week. Can’t believe how much work I can do just by waking up earlier. Besides my normal classes today. I went to speak to the Head TA for my math class, went to the Office of Registrar to pick up a GPA Verification form (for those that want to re-apply for Cal Grant, I urge you to pick it up asap and mail it back to your high school if you’re still a freshman because it needs to be postmarked by March 2nd), and attended a psychology research project (which I’ll talk about in the next paragraph).

The psychology project was extremely weird. The point of the project was to try to express feelings through our hands without seeing any other part of our body. Basically, there’s 2 ppl (a toucher – me, and a touchee – victim). Throughout the experiment, we never saw each other’s face. I had very low confidence in trying to express feelings like embarrassment and pride and some weird stuff through my hands. I didn’t even have any clue what I was suppose to do. But all in all, it was fun.

I’ll be heading down to the Post Office again Friday, ugh. Going to ship another DVD-ROM drive and my GPA verification form. Here’s a quote from my friend ungsunghero: you don’t like POS POs, do you?

School Problems

I’ve just been bombarded with tons of problems. Just realized I’m still not enrolled in Math 54 (linear algebra and linear differentials). Already setup a meeting with the Head TA for tomorrow. Then I have a Math 53 (multivariable calculus) midterm on Friday I just found out. I actually marked it on my calendar, but didn’t realize it till I went to discussion today. Then I need a GPA Verification Form which I still have no idea what to do with it yet, but have to submit it somehow to apply for Cal Grant. WHY CAN’T LIFE SLOW DOWN!!! Things were just starting to look good when I had my homework done last week. I couldn’t even get up for class this morning since I did homework till 6am running off M&Ms. Staying awake is one thing. Staying awake to do homework is a totally different thing.

My friends Liam and Lydia and I had a discussion on how guys and girls hate each other differently. Guys tend to never hate girls for we see them as delicate beings who need to be loved. Guys can find girls annoying and that’s when we began to ignore them, but deep inside we don’t hold grudges or hate them extensively. When a guy truly hates a girl, he has no problem admitting it. I hated this girl in elementary school so much because she was always so cocky and stuck her nose up at me. I can clearly remember times when I beat her on a test and I would yell “YES!!!” just to make her feel bad. Girls on the other hand, tend to hold all types of hatred deep inside them. They act normal and friendly in front of each other, but once they are alone with others, they talk behind their back and basically badge on each other. I can never see a guy doing that, although there are exceptions, but I’m talking about a typical guy vs a typical girl. I hope this won’t stir up a case against me for being sexist for I’m scared of the yellow lawyer lady-man (inside joke from psych 2).

Apple = Window?

waited in line in the post office for 45mins today. The lines here are much worse than Monterey Park. Maybe it’s because of the long arduous walk there. Takes 15mins alone just to get there from my dorm. Wished I had my car. *drooools*

I noticed a very bad habit I make when instructing people to troubleshoot their computers. I tend to say: push apple + pause break, but what I really mean is window + pause break. For some weird reason, I can’t acknowledge there’s a window key, but I’ve always known there was an apple key. Oh well, Microsoft sux anyway. Linux all the way!! ^_^x

Well, I’ve already obtained my picture of the week, but won’t be posted yet due to request of a special friend of mine, mechy. It’ll be posted on Wednesday at the latest. Thanks to my loyal friends who come back and visit my website every so often.

That’s all for tonite, need to start homework which is due tomorrow. Maybe will add some more tonite, but would most likely be posted tomorrow.