Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-26

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

Duplicated Xcode 4.4.1 Target Fails to Run

When I duplicated a working target today, I noticed Xcode would give me the following error when trying to run it in the simulator or device:

Xcode cannot run using the selected device

Xcode cannot run using the selected device.

Choose a destination with a supported architecture in order to run on this device.

The target builds fine and I’ve made no changes since duplicating it. I made sure all the build settings are the same, including architectures and SDKs. I was baffled on what might be causing the error.

After searching a bit, I found this post on StackOverflow: Xcode 4.4 – Unable to run project. The answer is hidden in the response by Martin Lockett. The default product name Xcode gives to a duplicated target is “AppName copy”. Spaces are illegal in product names, so it was failing to run on any device because of that.

After fixing the product name by removing the space, I was able run on both the simulator and device.

I’m not sure if previous Xcode had this problem, why Xcode duplicates a project with a product name that makes it unrunnable, nor why Xcode doesn’t provide a better error message, but I’m glad I figured what was going on.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-05

  • Does anyone know how to disable @Google search redirects w/o having to install an addon? #
  • @nest Does setting my Nest to away stop it from charing? Came home from vacation and found it in this state: #
  • @nest It was offline for 16hrs and this hasn’t happened before. No extended power outage. I turned off Away and it was charged in an hour. #
  • Does @Adium not support multiple logins on MSN yet? Using 1.5.2 and keep getting “Signed in from another location” error. #
  • @mendkr Thought you might be interested in this @CreatureBox Kickstarter: #
  • Today's shirt woot! is rather cool! #
  • Photo doesn’t match title for news article… #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Sometimes I'm shocked how different actors look when they're off stage. Here's Mrs Patmore and Daisy from Downton Abbey #
  • I did not expect Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones to be a brunette #
  • @lukewelling @rothgar I always found it ridiculous when people hold up their iPad to take a picture. Is anyone actually making that claim? in reply to lukewelling #
  • Either @ParallelsMac or @VMware should add a feature to automatically run Windows Update once a week when my computer is idling. #
  • @krunk4ever That way my Windows VMs won’t prompt me to install 50 new updates every time I restore their session. in reply to krunk4ever #
  • @mendkr Figured you'd enjoy this: #
  • @phatblat @ryandjohnson Don’t I get me simple array/dictionary creation syntax in this xcode too? in reply to phatblat #
  • Beautiful timelapse from the ISS (International Space Station) Can’t beat it when Adagio in D Minor plays alongside. #
  • Imagine Dragons is becoming one of my favorite bands. Check out Demons, their 2nd song I heard from a movie trailer: #
  • Anyone else seeing C icons for all their Applications in Spotlight after installing Mountain Lion? #
  • Did you know it took 50 million years for fungi to evolve so it can decompose wood? #GiantInsects #
  • If you’re wondering how to add a Twitter/Facebook account to your Contacts (formerly Address Book) on your Mac, it’s at Card > Add Field #
  • After upgrading to Mountain Lion, anyone having issues playing mkv files in MPlayerX? Keep getting: The file is not supported by MPlayerX #
  • @ryandjohnson Yeah, both VLC and Movist worked fine for me. Just MPlayerX was giving me trouble. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson Interesting. No idea what XQuartz is, but I recall installing Perian awhile back. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson Perian seems to be a dead end. Going to try XQuartz. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson I find VLC to be very rough and unpolished. Simple stuff like resume where you left off isn't available. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • @ryandjohnson It ends up being my backup player when my normal players are having problems with a particular file. in reply to ryandjohnson #
  • Found out today that casino pumping oxygen to keep gamblers awake was only a myth. Darn! I wanted to see giant humans. See earlier BBC tweet #

App icons in Spotlight all replaced by C file icon after installing OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and Xcode 4.4

Spotlight - C Application Icons

Several of my colleagues and I noticed that after installing OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and updating Xcode to 4.4, all of our application icons in Spotlight are showing up as Xcode C files.

Anyone have any idea what’s going on or how to fix it?

Update: Issue Resolved

I just installed the MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update 1.0 and it looks like it has fixed my icons issue.

MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update 1.0

Spotlight Icons Fixed

You should be able to see the update when you run Software Updates.

Is blocking USA? Redirecting users to

Anyone else have the issue where when trying to download from a URL, they get redirected to which then displays an ad and redirects you to

Just wondering if this is an US-only problem… similar to how certain file sharing sites are now blocking the US.

Don’t see much mention of this on the web, but I did find this thread where someone else was hitting the same issue and he was able to bypass it using a proxy outside the US.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-22

  • With HiDPI, do we need to start having 2 versions of each video like how we have image.jpg and image@2x.jpg. 1080p ~ 540p. 480p ~ 240p. #
  • Was denied my molten lava cake. Guess a churro would have to do. #
  • Is it really so hard to say highToday = max( predictedHigh, highToday, currentTemp ) #
  • I guess @netflix realized I streamed the first 3 seasons of #BreakingBad They just alerted me the 4th season is available on instant watch. #
  • @ralphlee You're assuming genuine toners won't break machines 😉 in reply to ralphlee #
  • @hjo3 The expected thunder storms of Seattle must've moved over to the east side. in reply to hjo3 #
  • Mac users of @mint, you should check out their new Mac app: #
  • @ralphlee Vivus needs a better name. I initially read that as Virus. in reply to ralphlee #
  • Haha! Amazon introduces Yesterday Shipping: #
  • Getting my car refinanced at PenFed was surprisingly easy. Type type. Click. Type type. Click. Check's in the mail. #
  • Haha! Almost sent an email stating, "Please see inline for questions to your answers." #
  • A new way to explode watermelons! #
  • I read Mario's part in Liam Neeson's voice, but hearing Bowser say "Good Luck" in his deep voice was awesome! #
  • @rothgar Have you tried using a , (comma adds a pause) or ; (semi-colon adds a wait). in reply to rothgar #
  • @rothgar I believe each comma should add an additional second of wait time. in reply to rothgar #
  • .@VerizonWireless Why would add a giant popover after logging in advertising the Share Everything plan when I'm already on it? #
  • is avoiding the internet in hopes of not getting spoiled by #TDKR posts/articles. #NotDoingAVeryGoodJob #
  • Did you know you can control your Xbox via your iPhone/iPad now? #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15